BIOSENTA, to meet the request of ZeroMold institutional customers, is now manufacturing and distributing ZeroMold in bulk size packaging, 4L and 10L, in order to execute, on larger more extensive facilities and infestations.

ZeroMold 4L Jug ZeroMold 10L Jug
4 L Jug 10 L Jug

Specialized formulations can also be developed to meet specific customer and facilities requirements.


BIOSENTA Inc.’s latest product expansion is Eco-Brite, a revolutionary, multi-purpose, bio safe cleanser.

Eco-Brite is a tested and proven multi-use cleanser, with demonstrated antimicrobial capabilities.

Laboratory tests have confirmed the efficacy of Eco-Brite, providing commercial customers with a proven solution to their cleaning problems.

Eco-Brite has been specifically developed for the Commercial/Foodservice/Hospitality and Discount Chain market sectors.

Eco-Brite product has been formulated as a multi-cleanser that removes mold and mildew and keeps them from returning.

Targeted New Customer’s include Food Distributors, Restaurant Chains, Independent Operators and Discount Retail Chains.

Eco-Brites sales and marketing materials are in final review and the product is scheduled to be launched in July/August 2013.