10/11/18 Biosenta Update: Biosenta Announces Signing Marketing Agreement for its high potency Disinfectant

08/27/18 Biosenta Update: Biosenta Announces Signing Exclusive Global Royalty Agreement

02/28/18 Biosenta Update: Biosenta Announces Joint Venture Agreement

09/14/17 Biosenta Update: Expenses Classification in FS for year ended September 30, 2016

07/28/17 Biosenta Announces discussions with Polski Bazalt / STM Technology

06/16/17 Biosenta Announces Marcus Martin’s death

12/12/16 Biosenta Announces First Tri-Filler Purchase Order

11/24/16 Biosenta Inc. Announces U.S. Patent for Tri-Filler

11/01/16 Biosenta Inc. Announces the addition of New Directors

03/31/15 Biosenta Inc. offers new, enhanced convertible debenture terms to investors

03/26/15 Biosenta Inc. provides a general business update about both the Industrial and Consumer Divisions as well as recent legal matters and funding activities

02/17/15 Biosenta Inc. replaces Bruce Lewis as Chairman and accepts his resignation from the Board of Directors

01/22/15 Biosenta Inc. Commissions New Plant to Manufacture “Tri-Filler”

01/15/15 Biosenta Inc. Announces a New Disinfectant, Called “True”

11/19/14 Biosenta Update: New Product Kills Ebola, Enterovirus68

10/09/14 Biosenta Announces Dene Rogers as President and CEO

06/12/14 Biosenta Announces Second National Retailer Listing Distribution to sell ZeroMold

06/04/14 Biosenta Announces First National Distributor to sell ZeroMold

03/27/14 Biosenta Inc. Announces New Funding Agreement with Bassett Financial Corporation

02/26/14 Biosenta announces Chris Bilz as President & CEO

07/10/13 Biosenta signs National Sales and Distribution Agreement with international sales & marketing services firm – CROSSMARK Canada

07/04/13 Biosenta rushes ZeroMold products to support flooded Calgary Community

04/25/13 Biosenta shipping ZeroMold product to support Ontario’s flooded cottage communites

03/26/13 Biosenta Inc and New South Biolabs LLC Under Partnership Agreement

03/26/13 Biosenta Inc and New VP Sales & Marketing Scott Butterworth

02/07/13 Biosenta Announces Closing of Private Placement of 800,004 Units

02/04/13 Biosenta Engages Investor Relations Group

01/30/13 Private Placement of up to 4,000,000 Units at $0.15 per Unit

01/16/13 Clarification to last Press Release (Biosenta Announces Non-Biding Letter of Intent)

01/07/12 Biosenta Announces Non-Biding Letter of Intent

11/30/12 Biosenta Announces Closing of Private Placement

11/28/12 Biosenta Announces Increase in Size of its August 2012 Private Placement

10/15/12 Biosenta Announces First Shipments of Zermold

09/21/12 Biosenta Announces Increase in Size of its August 2012 Private Placement

09/12/12 Biosenta Inc. Obtains DIN Number for Sale of Zeromold

09/04/12 Biosenta Inc. Rx 110 Inc. Litigation

08/23/12 Biosenta Inc. Announces Appointment of Chief Financial Officer and Grant of Stock Options

08/08/12 Biosenta Inc. Announces Private Placement

08/08/12 Biosenta Inc. Announces Grants of Stock Options

06/05/12 Biosenta Inc. Change of Trading Symbol

05/31/12 RXT 110 Inc. Announces Name Change to Biosenta Inc.