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Revolutionizing the Material World


Our Team

Biosenta boasts a distinguished leadership team composed of highly accomplished executives and scientists. Our leaders possess extensive expertise in various fields, including chemical industry practices, material science, health science, and business management. 



Our vision is to redefine the paradigm of cleanliness and hygiene in communities worldwide. We aim to set new global standards, delivering state-of-the-art cleaning solutions that effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms without compromising human health or environmental safety.


  1. Integrity: we maintains transparency and honesty in our operations, building trust among our partners, customers, and communities.
  2. Safety: We prioritize the safety of the communities we serve, ensuring our products eliminate harmful pathogens without endangering health or the environment.
  3. Responsibility: we recognize our duty to the environment and and society, working diligently to minimize our ecological footprint and maximize public health.
  4. Innovation: we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of revolutionary biotechnologies and strategies, aimed at optimizing the efficiency and efficacy of our cutting-edge cleaning solutions. 

Biosenta is proudly Canadian owned and operated

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