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Protecting our community from viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, germs and mold.

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Our true™ disinfectant is recognized by Health Canada for use in the fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus)
Stay protected from harmful bacteria and viruses,
such as COVID-19 (coronavirus), with this true™ disinfectant which kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi on contact.
Say goodbye to germs and odors with this powerful dual-action true™ disinfectant. This hospital strong, household safe solution disinfects and deodorizes in one step.

true™ disinfectant has clinically been proven through GLP testing to be highly effective and kill many harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold, and prevent regrowth.

This biodegradable dual action, anti-microbial, broad-spectrum disinfectant is designed to be extremely effective while remaining one of the safest disinfectants on the market, while gentle enough to not irritate and cause harm. This gentle formula will leave an invisible barrier on the surface for prolonged protection and will not break down and ruin the integrity of the surface as popular corrosive products will do.
true™ disinfectant eliminates odors and effectively cleans a wide range of hard non‐porous surfaces such as:

Sealed Wood


Electronic Surfaces




Registration DIN # 02456079
Registration EPA # 90276-2
Category Code D1
Registration NSF # 161733
true™ provides the power of an industrial disinfectant in a consumer-friendly product designed to create a safe living environment by destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi.
true™ Safety Data Sheet

true™ disinfectant is clinically proven to eliminate the following:


true™ is proven to safely disinfect inside homes, cars, boats, and recreational vehicles, and is safe for use on children’s toys and sporting equipment without the risk of health effects while creating a safe living environment for your loved ones with no rinsing or additional washing required.



true™'s specialized formulation provides long-lasting, anti-microbial protection in high-touch, high-traffic areas and can be used safely on electronic keypads and doors with no risk of damage. Disinfecting is the recommended course of action to create microbe-safe work places for patrons, customers and staff.

Retail store


No-mix or dilluation enables product users to quickly and effectively clean large areas and multiple pieces of equipment in a timely and effective manner. true™'s powerful formulation is proven to effectively create a safe environment for patrons and staff without exposing them to toxic and harmful substances.



true™'s anti-viral properties make it the ideal disinfecting solution to ensure patrons, customers, and staff safety in high-touch, high-traffic areas. The unique, non-corrosive properties of true are safe for use on mats, rubber flooring, chiropractic and massage tables with no damage or residue.



true's Healthcare grade formulation provides long-lasting anti-viral protection in patient care facilities, food preparation areas, and high-occupancy areas. The unique formulation allows regular application with no increased health risk to patients and staff members who are regularly exposed.



true™ is strong enough to eliminate the germs and bacteria that exist in professional and industrial kitchens while providing long-lasting, anti-microbial protection. The unique formula enables the product to be safely used on food preparation surfaces and utensils.



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