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09/24/2020 - Biosenta and University of Calgary enter into a four year partnership

September 24, 2020 - Toronto, Canada – Biosenta Inc. (“Biosenta” or the “Company”) listed on the CSE (CSE: ZRO) is pleased to announce the finalization of a four-year research partnership with the University of Calgary.

Biosenta has wasted no time in creating innovation in Alberta. A research partnership with the University of Calgary Research Group and AMPAK Inc. from Toronto, Ontario, is official.

This partnership enables the University team to undertake a new generation of research in the world of nanoparticles for use as an anti-microbial filler in commercial construction materials and plastic consumer products and goods packaging.

The University of Calgary team has demonstrated expertise in this field, previously improving the tensile strength of concrete by 80%. The University of Calgary team has also improved the performance of drilling fluids and ceramic membranes using nanoparticle technology.

AMPAK Inc. is proud to be the first Industry research partner to commit to the project. The scope of AMPAK’s involvement includes plastic product development, research and development, and commercial consumer packaging.

The partnership’s goal is to synthesize nanoscale core-shell particles and standardize the production process of Biosenta’s patented two-part, food-grade nanoparticles called Tri-filler. Tri-filler not only has attributes of being anti-microbial, but also strength enhancement and fire-retardant capabilities.

This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the antiviral properties of everyday surfaces such as clothes, paint, drywall, concrete, common surfaces and consumer packaging materials.

“The end goal is to create anti-viral materials used for everyday construction and packaging. An anti-microbial compound that can resist or destroy germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria on its surface, better protects everyone.”

- Dr. Maen Husein, Project Principal, Professor, Chemical Engineering

The project principal is actively looking to engage with businesses or commercial entities seeking to improve their products’ and materials’ anti-microbial properties.

The impact on the community is measurable and two-fold. Firstly, there is an incredible opportunity for local organizations that currently use nanoparticles as fillers to get involved in development and testing activities as research partners.

Secondly, the University team has dedicated a significant portion of their efforts to measuring nanoparticles’ impact on human health and their concentration levels within the body over time due to consistent exposure, even at minimal parts-per-million.

The University team is implementing theories to safely integrate the nanoparticles within compounds to improve end-user safety and increase the filler’s usability in multiple consumer applications.

Am Gill, President and CEO of Biosenta, said “After years of dedicated research in the anti-microbial space, we are very excited to finalize this research partnership with one of the top educational institutes globally. We are also in talks with additional industry partners in cement and paint, to exploit the innovation and test Tri-filler in their production processes in addition to AMAPK Inc. These are inspiring times for Biosenta.”


About Biosenta Inc.

Biosenta Inc. Develops and manufactures a range of wet and dry chemical compounds for household and industrial applications using advanced encapsulated nanotechnology. Biosenta disinfectants and cleaners kill 99.9% of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses on contact and prevent re-growth. Biosenta disinfectants are safe for consumer use with low levels of active ingredients.

Biosenta industrial compounds are embedded to protect various materials from microbial threats and prevent the growth of harmful viruses and bacteria on their surfaces, including drywall, plastic and resins.

These compounds remain active for decades and protect the walls of buildings, resin furniture, a carpet rubber backing, synthetic tufts that contain plastic or resin, textiles and paper from mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses.


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