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Summit-bound CEO sees promising future for Edmonton region

Voran Group Ventures recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Calgary’s Biosenta to explore commercializing its Tri-Filler anti-microbial products, which can be used in manufactured building materials. Chelsey Reschke, CEO of Voran Group Ventures, puts the market for low-cost filler at about $60 billion per year. “And we have the ability to substantially transform that market through bringing this unique Tri-Filler product to market successfully.”

Chelsey Reschke is one of 47 Canadians attending the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance summit in Hamburg from Oct. 27 to 28. The summit is “an incredible opportunity” to share with leaders of the G20 nations “what they should be thinking about to help enable young entrepreneurs to do better and to be more successful,” she told Taproot Edmonton.

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