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09/14/2020 - Biosenta Announces Royalty License Agreement for North American Distribution

September 14, 2020 - Toronto, Canada – Biosenta Inc. ("Biosenta" or the "Company") listed on the CSE (CSE:ZRO) is pleased to announce - A strategic licensing partnership with Kleen Bee Labs was finalized today. This license will give the rights for distribution of DualXtiv, a broad-spectrum anti-microbial disinfectant, to club level, mass grocery, and retail chains across North America.

Am Gill, President and CEO, indicating, "This partnership allows for Biosenta's patented formulation to be licensed and sold at scale across North America. The distributor will cover all costs associated with marketing, warehousing, transportation logistics, and retail space fees. This win-win scenario enables a dedicated team of professionals to take the product to market, enabling our products innovative protective qualities to be realized by the public."

More information to follow in the following weeks.


About Biosenta Inc.

Biosenta Inc. develops and manufactures a range of wet and dry chemical compounds for household and industrial applications using advanced encapsulated nanotechnology. Biosenta disinfectants and cleaners kill 99.9% of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses on contact and prevent re-growth. Biosenta disinfectants are safe for consumer use with low levels of active ingredients.

Biosenta industrial compounds are embedded to protect various materials from microbial threats and prevent the growth of harmful viruses and bacteria on their surfaces, including drywall, plastic and resins.

These compounds remain active for decades and protect the walls of buildings, resin furniture, a carpet rubber backing, synthetic tufts that contain plastic or resin, textiles and paper from mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses.


In no way, the CSE has passed upon the contents of this news release and further has neither approved nor disapproved of the contents of this news release. Neither the CSE nor it's Regulation Services Provider (as such term is defined in the CSE) accepts responsibility for this release's adequacy or accuracy.

For further information on the true, please contact:


Biosenta Inc.

34 Wrangler Place, Suite 10

Rocky View County, Alberta T1X 0L7

T: 416-410-2019

For Investor Relations, please contact:

Investor Relations

Biosenta Inc.

18 Wynford Drive, Suite 704

Toronto, Ontario M3C 3S2

T: 416-410-2019



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